RO126P1 Leigh & Palmer Match Stamp Large Die Proof ex-Joyce


This firm succeeded Hendrickson & Leigh about 1875 and appears in the Trenton directories for 1876 and 1877 making paper boxes and matches at the Stockton St factory It consisted of Hutchinson Leigh and Joshua K Palmer who is again listed in the directories for 1878 and 1879 but without occupation His connection with the business probably lasted less than two years The Bosfon Book states Die approved Jan 28 1876 First issued Feb 1876 Last issued prior to Oct 1 1880 3,139,500 issued in black on silk pink and watermarked paper The Leigh & Palmer stamps were printed from a new plate made by altering the old USM Co die The address is changed to Trenton NJ USM Co is erased from the pedestal LEIGH & PALMER replaces SAFETY MATCHES and there are other minor changes The new plate was made by the National Bank Note Co and the stamps on silk and pink paper were printed by that concern They may also have printed some or all of the stamps on watermarked paper There are no definite indications that the American Bank Note Co printed any of these stamps

Christopher West, Mekeel’s Weekly Stamp News, sept 13, 1919 p. 311

Models, Essays and Proofs of the Morton Dean Joyce Collection
The collection of Morton Dean Joyce contained a magnificent array of the models and large die proofs, including trial color and plate proofs. It seems that Morton Dean Joyce was able to obtain the majority, if not the complete holding, of the Butler and Carpenter Archives including the Order Book which contained the original models. Nearly all of the models that are listed in the Turner book are present in the Morton Dean Joyce Collection. From that point on Joyce researched the large dies according to company from Butler and Carpenter through the National and American Bank Note Companies to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Whenever there was a chance to show trial color proofs or additional information, Joyce did so and the results (were) his collection…The area of models, essays and proofs of the private die proprietary issues was quite possibly Morton Dean Joyce’s most outstanding accomplishment.
Richard Friedberg, Introduction to the Morton Dean Joyce Private Die Proprietary Collection Auction Catalog, Andrew Levitt, September 12-14, 1991

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Die approved January 26, 1876

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