RS132a Hostetter’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters



Used with faults. Although a high volume printed stamp, very difficult to find this issue intact without creases or other faults.


Size of engraving 141 x 14mm. Three-quarters portrait to right, placed sideways in an oval with a ground of crossed vertical and horizontal lines bordered by a colorless line, outside of which, at each side, is an ornamental lathework frame. There is a rectangular ground of horizontal lines at right and left; that at left is inscribed, in five lines, all of which are curved but the lower one, “United-Internal-Hostetter & Smith – Proprietors. – Pittsburgh.”, the two upper lines being colorless, Roman capitals and the balance block capitals. At right, in a similar manner: “STATES – REVENUE – HOSTETTER’S CELEBRATED – STOMACH BITTERS. – Pennsylvania.” At either end, upon a lined ground bordered at right and left by straight labels of solid color, is an oval disk bearing a large colorless numeral of value upon a reticulated ground. The two labels are inscribed “Four” in the outer, and “Cents” in the inner one, both in colorless, Roman capitals. A fine outer line of color surrounds the whole.

An Historical Reference List of the Revenue Stamps of the United Stamps: Including the Private Die Proprietary Stamps

Boston Philatelic Society
Salem, Press of Newcomb & Gauss, 1899

Additional information

Scott Number



Used, faults




Old Paper

Number Issued

No. of stamps per sheet 46. Total No. issued, old paper, 4,775,059


Die approved Oct. 1, 1862. First issued Jan. 23, 1863. Last issued Feb. 26, 1883.



2014 Scott Catalog Value


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